Pieles, Part I – by Andrea Baretto

Earlier last month, Shrill Cats discovered the work of architecture photographer Andrea Baretto from Argentina.  Her work is simply unlike most photographers from this genre, who traditionally presents the vast buildings in their entirety from an extreme wide angle perspective in almost a very commercial style.  Instead, a large emphasis of Andrea’s work is distilled down to the pure forms, colours, and features that one does not see everyday.  A prevalent theme in Andrea’s work is the dynamism of repeating geometric features, lines, and shapes with the qualities of abstract paintings.


In her own words, she tries to find an “abstract, geometric point of view”, which is likely influenced by her love for painting and abstract art from an early age.  Some of her inspiration comes from artists such as Thomas Struth, Andreas Gursky, Filip Dujardin, Josef Schulz, Lucien Hervé.  Andrea is also a huge admirer of abstract expressionism, where she discovered a whole new world through the paintings of Jackson Pollock and Frank Kline about a decade ago.  In the series below, titled “Pieles” by Andrea – you will realize that the towering buildings with the tidy arrangement of windows suddenly transforms into a textured canvas with repeating shapes in an orderly but beautiful disarray!

“Pieles”, is a photography project that takes Buenos Aires architecture as its main observation element. Geometry, varying from its most simple forms to its most complex ones, predominates in the photographs in order to try to strip the photographed structures out of their context. The title “Pieles” is related to the idea of body skin as a form of physical limit. These skins made of concrete and bricks attempt to separate us from our surroundings and define our space. – Andrea Baretto



Photographer: Andrea Baretto

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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