Pieles, Part II – by Andrea Baretto

In Part II of this series, photographer Andrea Baretto invites us back to “Pieles”, a photography project that takes Buenos Aires architecture as its main element.  Here, the abstraction of shapes and patterns is seen from a more familar perspective where larger canvases of the architecture are discernible.  Instead of examining the standalone relationship of singular shapes with its surroundings, this week’s selection presents the relationship of a family of shapes with each other, and within the larger space in which they exist.

A fitting analogy to these works is the role of the individual within a society, in which we continuously strive to differentiate ourselves to express our identities while fitting into a predefined construct of society.  The latter photos in this series with a tight grid-lock arrangement of windows reminds us of cities like Tokyo or New York, which likewise also describes the competitive struggle in a big city while conforming to the social norms that are set forth.  Former photos, such as #6 from the top, presents us with a more abstract arrangement with windows of varying sizes and shapes in a sparse layout, where the individual elements are allowed to express themselves more prominently towards the entire composition as a whole.

Let us know how these photos make you feel, which ones you identify with most, and why.



Photographer: Andrea Baretto

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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