Nuit Bleu Marine – by Caroline Ruffault

Caroline is a photographer based in Texas.  In her series: “Nuit Bleu Marine”, we are drawn into the atmosphere and mystery of the night.  This selection is a mix of digital and film photographs.  For the film photos, we feel as of we are present in the photos themselves.  These photos were created in challenging lighting conditions by using an old Rolleiflex with a stop down light meter.

“At night it’s really hard to tell the amount of light that is going onto the film. I usually go with my feeling and that’s what I love about film, the magic.”

We love the enchanting but desolate quality of the photos, with lights of different shapes and colours making their presence known and seeking audience with us.  The interplay of light and dark and the stories within these photographs are incredibly beautiful.



Photographer: Caroline Ruffault

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