Lake Girl – by Ana Martinez

Today, Shrill Cats Presents a nostalgic analogue photography series called “Lake Girl” by Ana Martínez, with model Patricia Fernández.

Lake Girl reflects on the melancholy and emptiness that is commonplace in our lives, even when we may not quite understand or acknowledge it.  The feelings of isolation are perfectly captured with the lone model by the calm but mysterious lake, while the skewed camera angles give us a slight feeling of unease.  Perhaps this is a perfect analogy to days where we feel most alone, a feeling that puts us on the edge of balance in otherwise familiar and beautiful settings.  What is the concept of happiness?  What will we find in our journey towards enlightenment?  These photos explore the very core of existentialism that we sometimes overlook.

Ana is based in Madrid, Spain.  Her work has a deep emphasis on colour, mutations, and emotions and aims to show the world in beautiful but unconventional ways.



Photographer: Ana Martínez
 Model: Patricia Fernández

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