Dreamy – by Aline Corrall

Editor’s Note

As we look through numerous images everyday to select the best photography to feature and curate, the truly wonderful photos are always the most elusive, and are often the most contrary to mainstream images that are a delight for the eyes but not the soul.

When Aline approached Shrill Cats with her series “Dreamy”, we recognized the unique identity that she brings to her photography right away.  Her photos possess a palette of lovely, saturated colours that conjure up visions of birds singing on a sunny spring day.  Yet, an equally compelling and darker undertone flows through the these images.

While some may view these as merely snapshots, the intricate emotions contained within are a strong reflection of the feelings that define Aline.  Here, rendered motionless on the grainy, imperfect Polaroids, these feelings draw a fitting parallel to the life of a teenage girl in search of a deeper form of self-expression.

Dreamy, by Aline Corrall –

I use my photography as an outlet, I am home educated and this has lead to me being very isolated in the sense of friendships and a general social life. While everything I do fits a routine on a daily basis, I use Polaroid photography and other mediums to instantly document my feelings, emotions and fears of the day from my anxiety.
I have a love of anything surreal, and, I have somewhat managed to make my isolated time studying from home into something surreal through both my self portraits and portraits of my sister, who has had the same experiences and isolation as myself. Photography has made me think of everyday tasks as works of slightly creepy art, something I would never have thought about without a camera.
The ‘Dreamy’ photos attached are a strong documentation of this, and I feel represent everything I enjoy and am passionate about as a photographer. They are a self documentation of my life, but they have that surreal gaze to them that fits my thought processes more than anything else ever has before. These photos convey a strong sense of my emotions.