A Collection of Colour Photos by Erick Sproth

Erick Sproth is a photographer that we admire this week.  Although he works in both colour and black and white format, we found an especially magical quality in his vibrant, colourful portraits that define the beauty of the moment.  We had a chance to talk to him briefly and learned a little about him.  Head on over to his instagram to see his latest work!

From a very early age the world of images was always a more solid and secure space. Therefore photography, with all its variants, has been for me the ideal medium to show people from my own perspective emotions, feelings and ideas.  I think the best way to tell a story is through the portrait, because it is not only composed of a face, there are elements such as clothing, body language or context. In my photographs, I try to find what we are and not what we want to be, to celebrate our identity.



Photographer: Erick Sproth

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